Sustainable Plastic Solutions

Our commitment to the environment

As an international manufacturer of various Brand Profiling elements, Unisto believes it has a responsibility towards the global environment and its preservation. 

For this reason, we actively started promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials and process methods along our entire value chain.

In this way, Unisto wants to make its contribution in the spirit of: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle


Biopolymers are one of the most popular solutions to communicate a sustainable image. We provide a full advice service to support our customers in the technical translation from existing or planned products to become a bio solution. The term “bio” covers plastics with bio filling material up to compostable materials made of 100% biobased material. The market of biopolymers rises sharply. Therefore our team is continuously working on new developments and is in direct contact with raw material suppliers to offer a customized, cutting edge solution.


Recycling is one of the most recommended procedures to reduce the pollution impact on the environment. Recycling contributes to saving valuable resources like crude oil. Besides, energy and CO2 consumption are lower compared to virgin materials. At the same time, recycled grades are mostly drop-in materials with similar properties to the initial one. Furthermore, these activities are in line with the EU Circular Economy Action Plan. Our supplier-network provides a couple of recycled materials in commercial quantities.

Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering describes the method of developing a product from the end-of-life backwards. The main component is the recycling thinking from the beginning during the entire development phase. The design of the parts should meet the requirements of the recycling process. Separability, purity, and recyclability are essential parameters in this context.

Carbon compensation

Do the best, compensate the rest. Following this slogan, we design and rethink every aspect of the whole product life cycle to reach the most eco-friendly result. Selected climate protection projects compensate the remaining Carbon. In cooperation with our partner foundation, myclimate, we can provide a comprehensive service. 

Efficient production environment

Our production site in CH continuously improves the whole value chain according to sustainability. All used raw materials are certified and handled with care to reduce waste to a minimum or recycle waste whenever possible. All these activities meet our company's ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Besides the continued development of our production environment, several actions increase efficiency and simultaneously reduce the entire plant's emissions. Like energy-saving state-of-the-art machinery, full LED-lighting, or energy recuperation to minimize our heating system's carbon emissions.